Bills Sponsored by Kirk B. Wagoner in 2013

The following are bills I sponsored in the 2013 legislative session that are my favorite.

Veteran Support:

Recommend POW/MIA flag be displayed at certain times and places. Although this bill had nearly unanimous support in the house (only 1 No vote) it got stalled/died in a Senate committee. This bill did prompt the Governor to start flying the POW/MIA flag at the capitol. DONATE

Pro Business:

Require fiscal notes to include business impact. This bill would have allowed the executive and legislative branch to study the impact of new laws on business. The bill was would have allowed a few bills to be selected by the House and Senate leadership of each party to have the impacts of the new laws on business. With only 14 "NO" votes and 132 "YES" votes this was an extremely popular bill that was vetoed by the Governor. The Governor's veto letter stated "However, asking the OBPP and Legislative Fiscal Division to determine the impact of proposed policies on private businesses is neither reasonable nor realistic. They do not have the expertise or resources to determine what costs businesses of varying sizes across a vast and diverse state mayor may not incur relating to proposed legislation." This is a very telling statement. DONATE

Reduce government size:

Revising membership of livestock loss board. This bill reduced the size and changed the membership requirements of the livestock loss board. Unfortunately, the follow up bills to properly fund the livestock loss board died. DONATE

Tax Reduction/Fairness

Revise DOR laws for calculating soil type and productivity values on range land. This was signed into law and allows for a more fair approach the the taxation of farm and ranch land. DONATE