2015 Bills I sponsored

My favorite bills from the 2015 session that I sponsored

Veteran POW/MIA:


Require POW/MIA flag be displayed at certain times and places. This bill became law. It took many years and efforts of past legislators but Montana now shows it remeberance of POW/MIAs by flying the POW/MIA flag at many government buildings. I am proud to be part of the effort to bring this to completion.  DONATE

Pro Business:


This is a repeat of the same bill from the 2013 session and agin it was vetoed by Governor.
Require fiscal notes to include business impact. This bill would have allowed the executive and legislative branch to study the impact of new laws on business. The bill was would have allowed a few bills to be selected by the House and Senate leadership of each party to have the impacts of the new laws on business. With only 60 "NO" votes and 90 "YES" votes this was an extremely popular bill that was vetoed by the Governor.  DONATE

Abuse of Position:

HB-32 Criminalize the misuse of official criminal justice information. I sponsored this bill on behalf of the Montana Attorney General Tim Fox. This crimilizes the use of criminal justice information for personal or profitable use. DONATE

HB607 Revise anti-corruption and state employee protection laws. Died
The intent of this bill was to provide whistle blower protections and process to ferret out waste, fraud, and abuse or conflicts of interest that are not in the best intereste of Montana.
I plan to revised this bill and try again.

Gun Laws:


HB250 Clarifying use of suppressed firearms to hunt certain wildlife is allowed. SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
Pleasant surprise when the Governor wanted to amend this bill to include all game animals. I accept the ammends and Montana became one more of the 36 plus states to allow the use of suppressors when hunting any game animals. His letter repeated all the facts that had been presented on legal supressor use.

HB533 Generally revise concealed weapon laws. Vetoed.
 I tried to make common sense small changes to our complicated concealed weapon laws. I will be bring this bill again as 3 seperate bills to keep it simple and understandable.

Right to Know, Right to Participate Return of Attorney Fees

HB447 and HB448 deal with getting your attorney fees back when you sue a governement entity and win. Before these became law if you sued a governement entity for violating your "Right to Particiate" or your "Right to Know" and you won the case you got to pay the cost  of the legal battle. The average cost was over $60,000 not many regular citizens can afford the cost to defend their rights and get nothing in return if they win.


HB212 Reaffirm that trapping is a form of hunting protected under MT Constitution. Became law without Governors signature.
This controverial bill became law by the Governors choice to neither Veto or Sign.