Endorsments are rolling in

    Endorsments are rolling in.


    NRA endorsment grade A

    Montana Farm Bureau Federation

    Montana Medical Assocaition

    Montana Right to Life

    More to be posted shortly

    Legislative scorecard:

    Montana Chamber of Commerce gave me an score of 95% and an Honorable Mention Award for my pro business work in the legislature.

    Montana Famly Foundation 100%

    Birthday Bash and Fundraiser

    Birthday + Fundraiser. Come celebrate my birthday and donate to my election campaign or just hangout. 
    Saturday Aug 9th
    4 Mission Mountain rd. Montana City, MT. 
    This is mostly a campaign fundraiser to Re-Elect Representative Kirk Wagoner to the Montana State Legislature. All are welcome, come say Happy Birthday, discuss Montana issues and solutions, eat hot dogs and burgers and relax with the Wagoners. Children and kids are welcome we will outdoor toys and a sprinkler for the kids to run through. 
    Please respond if you plan to attend.

    Democrat Filed, Fund Raising Begins for Kirk B Wagoner

    A Democrat has filed to run against me in the election for HD-75 Jefferson County.
    Time to crank up the fundraising effort.
    You can donate to my campaign "MT4KW" online by clicking the "DONATE" link found above and below.

    If you would like to host a fundraiser for me feel free to call or email me anytime.
    Remember tell a friend about me and what I stand for and what I have done in the last legislative session.


    Bills Sponsored by Kirk B. Wagoner in 2013

    The following are bills I sponsored in the 2013 legislative session that are my favorite.

    Veteran Support:

    Recommend POW/MIA flag be displayed at certain times and places. Although this bill had nearly unanimous support in the house (only 1 No vote) it got stalled/died in a Senate committee. This bill did prompt the Governor to start flying the POW/MIA flag at the capitol. DONATE

    Pro Business:

    Require fiscal notes to include business impact.

    Our new revamped website

    Welcome to our new remodeled website. Some of you may notice that it looks exactly the same as it has for the past 2 years and it does. We improved and upgraded the the parts you can not see. It will help us to track all online donations automatically and collect the required information.

    More of my personal platform or "How I stand on the issues" will be forthcoming.
    Until then If you already know me, my position on the issues, or my voting record feel free to contribute to the campaign.

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